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About This Book

Visual Illusions: Their Causes, Characteristics and Applications

by Matthew Luckiesh

Original 1922 Copyright Information:

Matthew Luckiesh is the Director of Applied Science, Nela Research Laboratories,
National Lamp Works of General Electric Co.


Author of "Color and Its Applications," "Light and Shade and Their Applications,"
"The Lighting Art," "The Language of Color," "Artificial Light − Its Influence upon Civilization,"
and "Lighting The Home," etc.


100 Illustrations


Visual Illusions Book


New York
D. Van Nostrand Company
Eight Warren St.

Copyright, 1922 by D. Van Nostrand Company


Although this book is a direct copy of Matthew Luckiesh's Visual Illusions, we have colorized some illustrations and rearranged text and placement of the Figures on the pages for clarity.




Begin reading this optical illusions book.


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Astrophys. Jour. 1919, 49, p. 108.

13. Jour. Amer. Opt. Soc., E. Karrer, 1921.

The foregoing are only a few references indicated in the text. Hundreds of references are available and obviously it is impracticable to include such a list. The most fruitful sources for references are general works on psychology. E. B. Titchener's Experimental Psychology (vol. 1) contains an excellent list. A chapter on Space in William James' Principles of Psychology (vol. II) will be of interest to those who wish to delve deeper into visual perception. Other general references are Elements of Physiological Psychology by Ladd and Woodworth; the works of Helmholtz; a contribution by Hering in Hermann's Handb. d. Phys. Bk. Ill, part 1; Physiological Psychology by Wundt; E. B. Delabarre, Amer. Jour. Psych. 1898, 9, p. 573; W. Wundt, Tauschungen, p. 157 and Philos. Stud. 1898, 14, p. 1; T. Lipps, Raumaesthetik and Zeit. f. Psych. 1896, 12, 39.


We hope you enjoyed our revision of this optical illusions book. We are happy to bring it to you. We could only do so because the original is in the public domain.

This revision is not in the public domain and, therefore, cannot be copied. We have spent considerable time enhancing the illustrations and editing the book. Do, however, feel free to link to this material.

Thank You

The Team at

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