Chapter 15 - Camouflage Optical IllusionsThere are two kinds of people in this world - those who like to be surprised and those who like to wait for what they know is going to happen.
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Chapter 15 - Camouflage Optical Illusions

Chapter 15 - Camouflage Optical Illusions

In this optical illusion book, Matthew Luckiesh discusses camouflage as it occurs in nature and as it was used by the military during World War I.

The name was coined by the French to apply to a definite art which developed during the "Great War" to a high state. It was during WWI that camouflage developed as a science. During World War II camouflage was developed to an even greater extent. It covers a vast field of activity in scientifically concealing and deceiving.

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About This Book Preface Chap 1, Introduction Chap 2, The Eye Chap 3, Vision Chap 4, Geometrical Chap 5, Figures Chap 6, Angles Chap 7, Depth/Distance Chap 8 Brightness/Contrast Chap 9, Color Chap 10, Lighting Chap 11, Nature Chap 12, Painting/Decorating Chap 13, Architecture Chap 14, Magic Mirror Chap 15, Camouflage

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